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DEF CON 27 Electronic Shoot Badge User/Hacker Manual

If you want to know what the menu options do, or how to hack your badge, you are in the right place. Thanks to SeeEss for the original DC23 shoot badge which this badge is heavily based upon, particularly the firmware.

Menu quick reference

The menu is brought up by pressing SELECT (right button) in most modes.

Guide to hardware

If you'd like to run the entire board off 3.3v, two sets of jumpers must be reconfigured. Set 1 in the picture above must have the horizontal jumpers removed and the left vertical side jumpered. Set 2 can be bridged completely 4-ways with a single ball of solder. This will run the entire board off the 3.3v regulator that otherwise is only used for the Shitty-Add-On header. The board normally runs off unregulated power in the as-shipped configuration.

A prototyping area is provided near the bottom of the board. These pads are connected in a "stripboard" configuration, except for the Vcc and GND pads, which are arranged in a way that a second linear regulator could be installed, if desired. After removing the battery holder, the configuration of the pads should become more obvious.

Connector J3 Pin Num PIC16F1709 Pin Num Pin Description Signal Name Pickit3 Pinout
Pin 1 Pin 4 RA3 Start Btn CS/Tx
Pin 2 Pin 5 RC5 Segment E
Pin 3 Pin 6 RC4 Segment D
Pin 4 Pin 7 RC3 Segment C
Pin 5 Pin 8 RC6 Segment F
Pin 6 Pin 9 RC7 Segment G
Pin 7 Pin 10 RB7 Digit 4
Pin 8 Pin 11 RB6 Digit 3
Pin 9 Pin 1 VDD VDD_VBAT +V
Pin 10 Pin 20 VSS GND GND
Pin 11 Pin 12 RB5 Digit 2
Pin 12 Pin 13 RB4 Digit 1
Pin 13 Pin 14 RC2 Segment B
Pin 14 Pin 15 RC1 Segment A
Pin 15 Pin 16 RC0 Segmnt DP
Pin 16 Pin 17 RA2 Tilt Sensor
Pin 17 Pin 18 RA1 Mic SCL/SCK
Pin 18 Pin 19 RA0 Select Btn SDA/SDI
Pin 19 Pin 2 RA5 Digit 6
Pin 20 Pin 3 RA4 Digit 5


The firmware is largely the same as the DEF CON 23 electronic shoot badge, and the 23 firmware should run unmodified. You will, however, need a hacked version of XPLAB or the commercial version, in order to enable optimizations, otherwise it will not fit on the chip.

The DEF CON 23 shoot badge firmware can be found on SeeEss' Github Project